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"What can I say but 'WOW'! I never would have imagined that I would receive all the family history that I did. Mary Ann does an excellent job of research and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the little town of Pacentro! I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to look into their geneology." - Pam

Welcome to Pacentro Genealogy!


This is the only webpage that offers research exclusively for family surnames from the village of Pacentro in the Abruzzo region of Italy.


Since 1993, I have explored my ancestral roots and traced my family back through 10 generations within the village of Pacentro. In the process, I uncovered numerous linkages to nearly every family within Pacentro and amassed a database of over 35,000 names.


Based upon information that you initially provide about your family from Pacentro and the source data that I have amassed, I can develop a volume that contains a family pedigree chart and an extensive family history report that may include information on the birth, baptism, marriage, occupation, immigration and/or death data for your Pacentrani ancestors. Also, I provide information on 'how' you are related to each family member (for example, 4C1R = fourth cousin once removed).


More detailed information on my services and rates can be found on the Services page and more information about myself, qualifications and personal interest in the history and genealogy of Pacentro in the About Me section.

About Pacentro

The medieval village of Pacentro sits on a plateau in the shadow of Mt. Morrone, which is part of the Apennine Mountain chain that runs through the Abruzzo region of Italy (see "A" pointer).

During the late 18th century and into the 19th century, this charming village boasted more than 4000 inhabitants, but today there are approximately 1400 inhabitants. A complete listing of all researched surnames can be found below.

Significant historical structures of Pacentro include the 14th century Castle of the Caldoro with its three towers rising above the village and overlooking the Peligna Valley, the beautiful church of the Madonna della Miseracordia (completed in 1603), the 12th century church of San Marcello, and various palaces constructed between the 16th and 19th centuries for the village gentry. One of the oldest of these palaces, the Palazzo La Rocca constructed in 1569, is now the municipal building.

Surnames in Pacentro

Numerous surnames can be found in my database, yet some of the more obscure names have few entries. As an example, if a man from a neighboring village married a woman from Pacentro, then his surname would continue through subsequent generations only if male offspring were born and raised in Pacentro.


Pacentrani frequently referred to each other by their nickname (soprannome) rather than their family surname. At times, official documents were recorded with a villager’s surname plus his nickname or simply his nickname. The following are examples of some common soprannomi (surnames are in italics) uncovered on civil and ecclesiastic documents: Bartocchia Cercone, Marinaccia Cercone, Mastredatte Cercone, Maraccia Agostinelli, Casale Lucci, Amechizze Silvestri, Cacchiarelle Silvestri, Pescine Silvestri, and Pezzotte Silvestri. Each of these nicknames differentiated individual family members within a clan.


It should be noted that all documents contain the maiden names of all female villagers, as they did not take the surname of their spouse. All progeny bore the surname of the father, unless a child was born out-of-wedlock and the father’s identity was not revealed, then the child was given the surname of the mother. If a child was abandoned, then a contrived surname was recorded on the birth document and the word ‘ignoti’ (unknown) was listed for the parents’ names. In this latter instance, tracing a lineage is usually impossible.

The following is a list of available surnames:

Abate. Agostinelli, Altieri, Amicangelo, Amicangioli, Amichetti, Amicucci, Amicuccio, Ammazalorso, Angelilli, Antonucci, Auterio, Avolio, Baldassarre, Battaglini, Borsilli, Bosio, Buccilli, Buccitelli, Caparso, Carabbia, Caraccia, Caramanico, Carascon, Carrabbia, Carrabia, Caruso, Casasanta, Casasanta di Pirro, Casasanta Pelino, Casasanta Spaventa, Casasanta Sebastiani, Cavicchia, Celeste, Centofanti, Cerceo, Cercone, Ciamacco, Ciammarinelli, Cianferra, Cianferrilli, Cianferrilli Casasanta, Ciccarelli, Ciccone, Cicerone, Civile, Cocco, Colalillo Di Nardo, Colamatteo, Colangelo, Colantonio, Colarossi, Colasatti, Corsetti, Constantini, D’Alesio, D’Alessandro, D’Amore, D’Antino, D’Arenzo, del Russo, De Chellis, De Leonardis, De Martinis, De Nellis, De Sanctis, di Bacco, Di Capite Mancini, Di Cicco, Di Coja, Di Cristofaro, di Fiore, Di Giambattista, di Giovanni, Di Iulio, di Lisio, Di Lorenzo, Di Marzio, Di Meo, Di Nello, Di Pilla, Di Pirro, Di Salle, D’Ortenzio, Fabiilli, Faccia, Faenza, Faenzilli, Falco, Favarello, Ficorello, Floritelli, Fronsaglia, Galterio, Garofalo, Gasbarre, Gentile, Giacchesio, Giannone, Granata, Grazianelli, Graziani, Gugliemo, Iacobucci, Iannamore, Iezzi, Iuliani. La Lama, Lantini, LaRocca, Lattanzio, Lepore, Lombardi, Lozzi, Lucci, Lucci Avolio, Lucci Peperato, Lucente, Maccione, Mancini, Marchionda, Margiotta, Mariani, Marsolo, Massa, Mastramico, Mastrangelo, Mattei, Melchiorre, Mosca, Nallecchia, Nanni, Nardelli, Notarsante, Pacella, Pacentrilli, Paolillo Lucci, Passante, Pelino, Pelino Casasanta, Peluso, Peperato, Petrilli, Piccirilli, Pietrolucci, Pietropaolo, Pitassi, Polcini, Polidoro, Pompeo, Pone, Pretore, Puglielli, Ramunno, Ranalli, Rapone, Ricci, Rinaldi Toti, Roncone, Rossi, Rubino, Sant’Eufemia, Santilli, Sebastiani, Serafini, Silla, Silvestri, Simone, Spada, Spaventa, Spaventa Casasanta, Stinelli, Tollis, Vitucci, Zavatti




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